Alcohol is never a solution to marital problems – Charles Inojie

Alcohol is never a solution to marital problems - Charles Inojie

Na Dem dey rush us actor, Charles Inojie has advised men who might be going through marital problems not to try to drown it by consuming alcohol.

In a post he shared in Instagram, Charles Inojie stated that the more men take to alcohol as a solution to their marital problems, the messier the problems get.

The comic actor shared:

The more men try to drown their marital problems inside bottles of alcohol, the messier the problems become… ALCOHOL IS NEVER A SOLUTION!!!

Few months ago, the actor spoke on the kind of person he is.

“I am a shy person, initially it was difficult for me to watch clips of my movies; it was hard to believe that I was the one doing some of those things. However, I am beginning to deal with it a lot better now. If I walk into a sitting room with people gathered watching my movies, I’ll probably just go out, but I am beginning to handle it a lot better now. I always tell myself that it is just the way I am.

“I have a persona that is different from the roles I play; the roles come naturally for me. Some people understand that it’s just role-play but others find it difficult to take me seriously,” he said.

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