Bettie Jenifer’s killer: We underrated their threats – Family speaks

Bettie Jenifer's killer We underrated their threats - Family speaks lailasnews 4


Bettie Jenifer’s killer was reportedly underrated by the family of the late wife of Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh, a family source has revealed.
According to a report received by, the family said they never expected that the threatening messages could result in Jenifer’s gruesome murder.
The source added that Bettie Jenifer’s killer who sent the threatening messages was underrated, because the family and Jenifer herself did not see the urgency in seeking protection from security forces.
“What kind of a sick man follows a woman with bullets until he finally fatally knocks her down with one? Or what kind of person would sanction this nefarious act against another, especially a woman?


During my conversation with a family source, I was informed that even though several threats were flying around, no one considered killing as capable of being executed. Probably, the person sending the threats from “wherever” was underestimated” Samuel-Clement of had written.

Chris Attoh’s wife, Bettie Jenifer, was shot in the head on Friday, May 10, 2019, around 5pm in Maryland, USA, where she worked.
Jenifer was said to have closed from work and was walking to her car in the Greenbelt parking lot when her killer approached her with a gun.
She then started running in an attempt to save her life, but her killer pursued her firing multiple shots, with one of them reaching her head. When officials got to the crime scene, Jenifer was already dead.

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