How blackmailer tried to swindle Seyi Tinubu of millions claiming he had a fight during covid-19 lockdown

Activities of some people who are of the opinion that they can make quick money through blackmail was brought to fore recently when one unidentified individual called up the number of the Executive Chairman of Loatsad Promomedia, Mr. Seyi Tinubu and demanded for a whopping N7million so they will not soil his name on social media.

The blackmailer, according to sources close to the hardworking philanthropist had placed a call through to the energetic young entrepreneur and claimed he is in possession of a video of him fighting a club manager in Lekki during the Covid-19 ordered lockdown and that he will be taking such to social media except he’s paid to keep quiet.

Though Seyi who is sure he was never in such a situation had called his bluff and asked him to go ahead, his friends and close associates are of the believe that the activities of such individual should be made known to the public in other for such false and malicious plan not to soil the good-standing his company and his family are enjoying in the heart of Nigerians.

The blackmailer hid the number with which he made the call and claimed he’s a journalist but failed to name the medium he’s working with, an act which is against rules of the journalism profession thereby showing clearly he’s a criminal trying to give the noble pen-pushing profession a bad name.

You will recall that not to long ago, a young man now in the net of the police tried to extort money from legendary Nigerian female musician Salawa Abeni, before he was exposed and is currently facing the tune of the music.


  1. I want Seyi Tinubu become a good vision of incoming governor of Lagos State in 2023 just like how i feel about Adebisi Ayokunle

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