‘I Am Not A Prostitute Even Though I Have Slept With Client’ – Woman Paid To Date Married Men.


A single mum has made nearly £10,000 by charging married men to date her and insists she’s not an escort – despite sleeping with a client. Britney Boone, 26, turned to paid-dating website after having her daughter, who she doesn’t wish to name, 18 months ago.

The lady from North Carolina, USA, has made around £3,040 ($4,000) in just six months off the website, which charges wealthy suitors to bid for dates.

Britney had previously used sugar daddy websites, making £6,842 ($9,000) in three years, so the dating website seemed like the perfect solution to her money woes.

But she insisted she’s not a prostitute, despite saying: “If I had $1 for every time I’ve been called a prostitute, I’d be rich. “Prostitutes are paid for a very specific thing, whereas I am paid for my time and there is no pressure to do anything I don’t want to do.

“I can understand why people think that as money is involved, but actually, I’ve only slept with one man I met on the site, who I ended up in a relationship with anyway. “Anyone else I’ve met I see more as a mentor.”

She added she was purely there for “financial incentives”, and not to find a boyfriend.

Britney said: “There is the odd man that is only after one thing, but you get that anywhere. Mostly, the men are mature, career-driven and well-rounded.

“A lot of them have been married a long time and their relationships have grown stagnant. “Men want that spark too, and to feel desired and validated.

“They don’t want to cheat, so instead they just go for dinner with someone who will pay them attention. “It’s nice for them to feel back in that early dating stage, where you go out for nice meals and properly court.

“And I haven’t slept with any married men. The most they get is a peck on the cheek at the end of the night.”

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