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Thief caught with 15 mobile phones taped around his body

Petty thief caught with?15 mobile phones taped around?his body

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has arrested a man identified as Aaron Kawombe, while trying to smuggle mobile telephones into the country.


Kawombe of Nakoloke of Mbale, Eastern Uganda was arrested by the Enforcement team in Malaba, Eastern Uganda, according to statement released by the URA.


The statement said Kawombe crossed into the Malaba side of Kenya where he bought 15 Itel phones. He allegedly went to a small corridor near the shop where he sealed the phones on his body (stomach and lower chest) using cello tape. He later said to haveboarded a vehicle, which heading to Mbale.


He was arrested at a URA checkpoint in Malaba were officers do random checks, the statement added. URA said smuggling continues to affect revenue collection and causes unfair competition in the market among other impacts.

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