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Two year-old toddler starves to death

A two-year-old starved to death next to his dead father after he suffered a heart attack, his devastated family has revealed

Two year-old toddler STARVES to death

Bronson Battersby was found curled up in his pyjamas next to his father Kenneth, 60, who is believed to have suffered a heart attack shortly after he was last seen alive on Boxing Day.

A social worker visited their home in Skegness, Lincolnshire on January 2, for a routine visit but received no reply and contacted the police.

Two year-old toddler STARVES to death

They visited again on January 4 but again there was no response. The social worker contacted the police again that day.

Shockingly the bodies of Kenneth and Bronson – who was classed as vulnerable and was being checked on weekly – were not found until January 9 when the social worker herself used a key from the landlord to get into the home.

The toddler’s mother, Sarah Piesse, 43, last saw her son before Christmas after a row with her ex.

She told The Sun: ‘If social services had done their job Bronson would still be alive. But they didn’t do anything.

Two year-old toddler STARVES to death

‘I can’t believe it. They can’t let them get away with this. We have to be able to rely on social workers to keep our children safe.’

‘I’ve had the results of the post mortem. Bronson starved to death because his dad died. They think Kenneth died no earlier than December 29.

‘It means if the social worker had pushed to get in when she got no reply on January 2 then Bronson would still have been alive.’

Bronson was last seen alive by his neighbour after they visited the house on Boxing Day. Kenneth then messaged the same neighbour saying: ‘Thanks so much for caring, it means the world to me and Bronson.’

That same day, the social worker texted Kenneth to arrange a visit on January 2.

She contacted the police when she did not receive any answer during the visit and did the same again when she returned to the house on January 4.

The social worker then decided to enter the property herself on January 9 using a key from the landlord.

She found the bodies of Bronson and Kenneth and contacted police, who then rushed to the scene along with paramedics at around 3.25pm. The pair were pronounced dead at the scene.

A spokeswoman for Lincolnshire Police said: ‘Police were made aware of the deaths of a 60-year-old man and a two-year-old child at a property in Skegness, at around 3.25pm on January 9.

‘Investigations have been carried out and the deaths are not being treated as suspicious.’

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