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APC: Saraki should tell us where he belong

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The deputy national publicity secretary of the APC, Yekini Nabena on Sunday, July 15, declared that Senate President Bukola Saraki must tell the world whether he is still in APC or not.

Nabena said the declaration was necessary because Saraki’s close allies, including Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje and chief of staff Hakeem Baba Ahmed, had left the APC. The statement read: “In recent times, there have been attempts to discredit the leadership of the APC and the federal government it controls by a roguish alliance of forces within and outside the party.

The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has loomed large in this scheme. Saraki has never hidden his sympathy for those who have launched a vicious attack on the APC, a party that gave both him and the nascent mudslingers the platform on which they ply their political careers.” Senate President Bukola Saraki said he belongs to the APC but the party increasingly does not belong to him, said time will determine his position in the party.

The Senate president along with some other members of the new Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) have been lamenting what they called segregation and unfavourable treatment by the APC. Saraki made his statement in Abuja while responding to a comment by the chairman.

Kabiru Yusuf, who praised him for going to Saudi Arabia to perform the Lesser Hajj, went to Russia where he addressed the Russian parliament and returned home to attend the APC convention “a party to which he belongs but which increasingly does not belong to him.”


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