Boris Johnson reacts to George Floyd’s death

Boris Johnson has described the death of George Floyd “appalling and inexcusable” as protests in the United States continue to rock the country.

The PM spoke up after Labour’s leader Sir Keir Starmer said the case had “shone a light on racism” across the world.

Boris said; “Let me begin by associating myself absolutely with what the Right Honourable Gentleman had to say about the death of George Floyd.

“I think what happened in the United States was appalling, it was inexcusable.

“We all saw it on our screens, I perfectly understand people’s right to protest what happened.

“I also think protest should take place in a lawful and reasonable way.”

Labour leader Sir Keir demanded the PM take the matter up with President Trump the next time the pair speak.

Boris was asked about the killing at tonight’s No10 press conference too – where he said he was “sickened”.

And he said his message to the President was “racist violence has no place in our society.”

He urged people in the UK and around the world to protest peacefully and in accordance with the social distancing rules.

“Black lives matter but we must fight this virus,” he said.

It comes as London is set to see another Black Lives Matter demonstration today in accordance with Floyd’s death.

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