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I’m still in shock – Husband of woman who faked her kidnap

I’m still in shock - Husband of woman who faked her kidnap lailasnews 3

Broken-hearted Mr. Muraino Kabiru, husband of Mrs. Hadijat Kabiru (45), the woman who faked her kidnap alongside her lover, said he was yet to get over the shock of his wife’s action.

Hadijat and her lover, Luqmon Ahmed, reportedly planned the woman’s abduction to collect N15 million from Muraino because he was ‘stingy’.


Speaking with The Telegraph, Muraino said:

“My wife and I had been married for over 27 years and we have four children together. I never knew that she was the one doing all this to me.”

Muraino explained that he believed that the trouble started after Hadijat pestered him to open a shop for her, to operate a business.


He added

:“I gave her N300,000. My son also supported with N150,000 so that she could start the business. Later, my wife came again, demanding that I should give money to start another business. But I told her that I wouldn’t because she wasn’t managing the business well.

I told her to go and continue with her tailoring work. My daughter misbehaves at times and so, my wife told me that she wanted to take her to the hospital. I usually give her the money whenever they are going to the hospital and when she return, she wouldn’t show me receipts even if I asked.”


I’m still in shock – Husband of woman who faked her kidnap.

According to him, on that fateful that the fake abduction occurred, it was perceived that the sick daughter needed some drugs, Muraino decided to go and get the drugs himself. But Hadijat told him that she had rather take the girl to the hospital.

He said:

“I gave her some money. It is not up to an hour that they left; then my phone rang. The number was that of my wife. I picked the call, but to my shock, it was the voice of a man. I asked him who he was; he told me that my wife had been kidnapped. He said that he would get to know him later.

I asked him what he wanted, the guy replied that N15 million as ransom. I told him that I didn’t have that kind of money. I pleaded with him and told him that I could only afford N500,000. But he refused the offer.

“He told me that he could only go as low as N7 million. I started begging him again. When he didn’t agree, I had to notify the police about the abduction. The police asked me to play along, pretending that I was about to pay the ransom. Police said that my playing along will help them to catch the kidnappers. When a call came again, it was my wife that was on the line.

She told me to ensure I pay the ransom. I told her that I didn’t have such an amount of money. Someone snatched the phone from my wife and said that they were ready to collect N1.5 million. It was from this point that the police got full information about them. They were caught and much to my shock, my wife was among them.”

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