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”My 85-year-old dad is cheating on my mom”

A man has taking to social media to solicit help for his family.

He says his dad is 85 and still cheating on his mom.

He says the money they send him to use for upkeep, he diverts it on the woman and her children.

He also claimed the woman is not of good character and he is suspecting jazz.

Aside that, his mother has found s–x enhancement drugs in his dad’s pocket several times.

He wants to know what they can do as his children to stop him.

His letter below…

”Hi all

We the children have sat my dad down and talked to him, to the extent we are tired, how can an old man at this stage in life still fornicating.

Money we sent to him for his upkeeps, he is using it to feed another man’s children. several times my mom have seen vega 200 in his pockets during laundry.

The annoying thing is this woman he is frolicking with is a known area miscreant, I don’t know if he’s jazzed or it’s something else.

A man at this age is not supposed to have sexual urge, besides while he was young he didn’t do like this.

(no insults on my dad please, we respect him, he did alot for us his children both male and female)

Please how do we the children handle this issue?”

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