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Oprah Winfrey says she had an encounter with a rude fan at the airport in the ’90s, and that led her to use a private plane for travel.

Winfrey, who is on the cover of British Vogue’s August issue, spoke with the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful for an interview. When asked about her “greatest luxury,” the actress and humanitarian said that it is having her own airplane — which she convinced herself to indulge in after she met an unpleasant person.

“There are days when I am more open and warm than others,” Winfrey explained. “One of the things that actually caused me in 1991 to get my own plane, I was in the airport and I was just minding my own business and a woman came up and she said, ‘You’re not acting like you do on TV.'”

According to Winfrey, the individual said that she is often seen “hugging everybody” on TV. But at the airport, she was acting completely different, simply sitting down and minding her own business.

The “Wrinkle in Time” star added that she always remains authentic to the kind of person she sees herself as, regardless of what people might think.

“If I’m in an airport, I’m not necessarily hugging people, OK? But I am always just myself,” she said.

Winfrey went on to say that in her early 30s, she “figured out how to be myself completely on television and all these years, I have made a fortune being myself.”

She added: “I’m never not me. I’m never not the person that you see.”