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Stop producing half-baked graduates, Bauchi scholar warns Islamic schools

A cleric and leader of an Islamic school association in Bauchi state hosting about 200 Islamic schools, Abdulrahman Adamu Aliyu Jahun has warned the schools to stop producing half-baked graduates.

He gave the warning during an exclusive interview with Arewa PUNCH on the status of Islamic schools in the state.

Aliyu-Jahun, who noted that the trend started from parents and teachers’ negligence over the Islamic schools, says it portends a dangerous signal to the future of the Islamic society.

He lamented that like other bleeding sectors across the state, Islamic schools under his lead are also facing a lack of payment of school fees by students and their parents.

The cleric also bemoaned the fact that parents no longer accord to teachers, and the schools alike their due regard, talk less of supporting their activities, attributing the situation to the prevailing general decadence and immorality which now pervade the entire nation’s system.

According to Aliyu-Jahun, if the ugly and ignoble trend continues – parents not respecting teachers, not even caring to know the teachers, and following up to know their children’s performances in schools, then the future of the schools will be at stake.

He stressed, “Sometimes, a parent and teachers due meet in some places like the market, mosque or some others places and even end having misunderstandings without knowing themselves.”

He observed that reasons as this were responsible for cases whereby if Islamic school teachers secure other employment, they abandon the teaching career.

“If it should continue in this manner, it will reach a level where there won’t be Islamic school teachers and the schools will be closed down,” he warned.

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