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13 Most Beautiful Female Footballers Worldwide

In the pursuit of the beautiful game, talent knows no bounds and in these cases, so does beauty!

With some of the world’s most captivating female athletes now showcasing their talents, the appeal of football is as much about the thrilling matches and stunning goals as it is an enticing flavouring of the world’s most beloved sport combined with these beautifully alluring ladies.

So which footballing stunners made the list?

Let’s get into it now!

Most beautiful female footballer worldwide

13. Adriana Leon

● Age: 31
● Team: Aston Villa (England)
● Country: Canada
● Position: Winger13 Most Beautiful Female Footballers Worldwide

Adriana Leon, the fiery winger lights up the stadium in more ways than one! Currently playing for West Ham United in the United Kingdom. Adriana has built up quite a following with over 200,000 followers on Instagram!

Bonus fact: Did you know Adriana Leon was an avid figure skater and took up Ice hockey when she was young?

12. Sally Julini

● Age: 21
● Team: Olympique Lyonnais (France)

● Position: Midfielder
● Country: Switzerland

13 Most Beautiful Female Footballers Worldwide

Sally Julini, the hard-working sportswoman and technical midfielder has continued to excel in her footballing career while gaining attention as another one of the world’s footballing beauties!

11. Alex Greenwood

● Age: 30
● Team: Manchester City (England)
● Country: United Kingdom
● Position: Centre-back/Left-back

Alex Greenwood, currently playing in her home country of England, has shown her class on and off the pitch over her playing career, with over 500,000 Instagram followers, Alex is one of the biggest names in the English woman’s footballing scene.

And with her stunning performance on the pitch and stunning appearance off it, it’s no wonder Alex has gained such a fan base!

10. Salma Paralluelo

● Age: 20
● Team: FC Barcelona Femeni
● Country: Spain
● Position: Left Winger

Salma Paralluelo, previously a former sprinter, Is not short of athleticism and grace. The Spanish international has gained attention for her elegant and effortless beauty and has been making waves in the footballing world!

9. Agata Centasso

● Age: 34
● Club: Venezia Clalcio (Italy )
● Country: Italy
● Position: Midfielder

Agata Centasso, her finesse on the ball and ability to read the game is equal to her attractive beauty, with over 70,000 followers on Instagram, Agata has been making waves both on the pitch and on social media, gaining attention from lovers of the beautiful game, and admirers of her elegant and graceful appearance!

8. Sarkina Karchaoui

● Age: 28
● Team: Paris Saint-Germain (France)
● Country: French
● Position: Left-Back

Sarkina Karchaoui is a name known by most in the female footballing world, with closing in on a million Instagram followers (960,000 at the time being) Sarkina has become a global sensation for fans of football and beauty alike.

With rumours of a relationship with megastar footballer Mbabbe (which turned out to be false), Sarkina was propelled even further into the spotlight with many taking notice of her hard-to-resist allure!


7. Alexia Pustellas

● Age: 30
● Team: FC Barcelona Femeni

● Country: Spain
● Position: Midfielder

13 Most Beautiful Female Footballers Worldwide

Alexia Pustellas, not only is she a beautiful face, but she’s also a two-time UEFA Women’s Player of the Year winner!

This talented Spanish stunner captains both the Barcelona and national Spain sides, showcasing her all-around skill as a leader and player, along with her beauty of course!

Along with her 3.4 million Instagram followers, Alexia is the golden girl for all of Spain football and her technique is unmatched, finally getting the recognition she deserves!

Bonus fact: Did you know Alexia Pustellas is Barcelona’s all-time top goal scorer?

6. Sydney Leroux

● Age: 34
● Team: Angel City FC
● Country: Canada
● Position: Forward

“I worked on my weaknesses and made them my strengths.” – Sydney Leroux

Sydney Leroux Is not only a World Cup Winner and an Olympic Gold Medallist, but she’s also an absolute bombshell!

This athletic striker knows exactly how to score, and always looks stunning doing it.

With a staggering 1.2 million Instagram followers, Sydney is one of the biggest names in women's football, and with good reason.

5. Jordyn Huitema

● Age: 22
● Team: Seattle Reign FC
● Country: Canada

● Position: Forward

Jordyn Huitema has set the world ablaze in the last couple of years, bursting on the scene and making an unmissable appearance.
Playing in her home country of Canada, Jordyn has been on the radar of football fans across the globe, both through skilled performances as a footballer, and her elegant and graceful beauty that’s captured the hearts of us all!

4. Lauren Sesselmann

● Age: 40
● Team: Santa Clarita Blue Heat
● Country: America
● Position: Defender/Forward13 Most Beautiful Female Footballers Worldwide

Lauren Sesselmann while being an Olympic medallist, is a FIFA agent, Mentor, Content Creator, Consultant and Designer, now that’s agility! What can she not do?

Along with all her incredible endeavours, Lauren also managed to capture the hearts of many, with some posing the question if she’s the hottest female soccer player in the world!

3. Ana Maria Markovic

● Age: 24
● Team: Grasshopper Club Zurich (Switzerland)
● Country: Croatian, Swiss
● Position: Forward

13 Most Beautiful Female Footballers Worldwide 2

Ana Maria Markovic has well and truly taken over the footballing world, and at only 24 years of age, she has become one of the biggest names in the entirety of women’s football with over 3.2 million Instagram followers!

The Croatian national not only does her part on the pitch with her speed as a deadly forward, making goalkeepers quake in their boots but also has taken all our breath away with her stunning beauty.

Bonus fact: Did you know the great Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Ana MariaMarkovic to become a professional footballer?

2. Alex Morgan

● Age: 34
● Team: San Diego Wave FC (United States)
● Country: America
● Position: Forward

On March 30, San Diego Wave FC will play their next game against OL Reign. And judging by the past games, it will be a hot fight. In their last meeting in November, despite the victory of OL Reign, both teams showed strong preparation and zeal to win. The chances of winning were around 50% for both teams.

According to Eugene Ravdin – MightyTips football expert: ”Bookmakers have not yet put out odds for the upcoming match. Compared to the November game, San Diego Wave FC had odds of around 2.95 on the team and 2.91 on the opponents. Last time bookmakers slightly overestimated the girls from San Diego Wave. The upcoming
match will be taken into account all past victories and selected odds with this in mind.”

13 Most Beautiful Female Footballers Worldwide

”You run like a girl; you play like a girl’s not what it used to be. That shouldn’t be negative. You should be proud to play like a girl.”– Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan, It would be hard to find a football fan, who doesn’t know this American talent as a footballer, and also her elegant and graceful stunning appearance that’s made millions of football fans fall in love all over the globe.

She always stands out even in a crowd of players!

With over 10 million Instagram followers, Morgan has propelled herself as a global star of the footballing world.

1. Alisha Lehmann

● Age: 25
● Team: Aston Villa (England)

● Country: Switzerland
● Position: Forward

”I appreciate the support so much, it gives me strength on the pitch,” – Alisha Lehmann

Alisha Lehmann, apart from football fans who have lived under a rock for the past 5 years, this name should be no surprise taking our number 1 spot here today.

Lehmann sent the world into meltdown with her overall appearance and figure and hasn’t slowed down on her road to global stardom.

With over 16 million Instagram followers, Lehmann's beauty to many cannot be matched by any on the pitch, and fans can’t wait until she puts on that jersey and takes the pitch!

And with that, Alisha Lehmann claims our top spot, and this list ends! Thanks for reading! Did your favorite player make the list? Who do you think is the hottest female football player? We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about these sexy female footballers and stay tuned for more articles!

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