2 Brothers Beaten Mercilessly After Being Accused Of Stealing Someone’s Girlfriend.


According to reports, two brothers were kidnapped and beaten to a pulp by about 20 attackers. One of the men allegedly almost lost his manhood after an attacker tried to cut it off.

The brothers were taken to Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, South Africa and assaulted after one of them was accused of stealing someone’s girlfriend.

Raul Mathe (36), said he and his brother Bernard (30) were kidnapped two weeks ago.

“They wanted to remove Bernard’s manhood because they said it was used to poke their women,” said Raul.

Raul said his brother came to South Africa in January to look for a job.

“He is a good man who loves his wife and children who are in Mozambique. My brother is in terrible pain. He could die at any moment.

Bernard’s younger brother, Carlos Mathe (28), said his mum did not take the news well.

“When our mum saw the disturbing video she took poison. Now she is in hospital,” he said.

Police spokesman Constable Yeroboam Mbatsane said cases of kidnapping, robbery and attempted murder were opened. “The two suspects appeared at the Cullinan Magistrates Court on Monday,” said Mbatsane.

He said they will appear in court today for a formal bail application.

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