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3-year-olds targeted by s3x predators, IWF warns

A charity warns that children as young as three are being targeted by s3xual predators online, leading to disturbing acts of abuse.

3-year-olds targeted by s3x predators, IWF warns


The Internet Watch Foundation found over 2000 abusive images of children aged three to six online in 2023.


With nearly a quarter of five to seven-year-olds having smartphones, concerns about their safety are rising. Security Minister Tom Tugendhat urges both tech companies and parents to take action to protect children online.


The images discovered by the IWF often show children in private spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms, unaware they are being recorded. Experts believe predators coerce or trick them into these situations.


The charity emphasizes the urgent need for action, noting a 22% increase in the most severe abuse images. While AI is used to detect such content, it’s not a complete solution. Both technology companies and online platforms must take responsibility for preventing child exploitation.

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