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5-year-old physically challenged orphan attends school, says it is better than begging

physically challenged orphan

In some parts of Nigeria, physically challenged people are sometimes seen begging or pleading to strangers for alms on the streets. Some of these physically challenged people do this because they have no other choice.

It could be difficult sometimes to get a job when you are physically challenged, but with the world opening up to new ideas, people with disability can be employed if they have the right education and skill to do the job.

A 15-year-old physically challenged boy who hopes for a better future has decided to go to school rather than beg for alms on the roadside. The boy identified as Jamilu Sa’ad noted that it is better to educate himself rather than beg.

Sa’ad is a primary four student at Demonstartion Primary School in Kawo, Kaduna state. The young boy made the statement after he received a tricycle to assist him to move around better.

He said: “I am an orphan and a cripple; I was brought to Kaduna to beg for alms. But, while on the streets, I kept envying children that go to school every morning. After a while, and against all odds, I decided to abandon begging to acquire education.

I bought a tricycle with the little amount I raised from begging to ease my movement, but it got bad after a while and I could not fix it.”

The young boy further noted that he would at least try his best to acquire a diploma. Sa’ad also assured everyone who supports him that he wouldn’t let them down.

He said: “But with courage and resilience, I trudged on because I am optimistic that my life will be better if I acquire education. I thank the NGO for supporting me to achieve my dreams. I will study till I acquire at least a National Diploma. I want to assure all those who believe in me that I will not let them down.”

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