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A black man was reported to the police for trying to open his own business (video/photos)

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A black man who is owner of a high-end lemonade stand in San Francisco said he had the police called on him when he was opening his own business.

Viktor Stevenson opened Gourmonade this week and went to check on the store’s security systems Thursday,

Four cops approached him, one resting his hand on his gun, Stevenson said.

“Come to find out, somebody in the neighborhood called the cops and said that I was breaking into my own business,” Stevenson said.

The officer asked him to prove that he owned the business.

“I said ‘Absolutely. Like, I have the key,'” Stevenson said. “I opened and closed the doors.”

Stevenson said he’s already had to face racism as a young entrepreneur before even opening his store.

“Somebody was writing ‘monkey juice’ on the side of my store,” he said.

Stevenson posted a photo of the incident on Instagram and said he has received immense community support

People are reportedly coming to his lemonade stand from all over the Bay Area to show their support.

Gourmonade sold out of stock in just two hours on Sunday, Stevenson said

The incident follows a viral video from last month showing a white woman dubbed “Permit Patty”calling 911 on a black girl selling bottled water in San Francisco outside of a Giants baseball game.

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