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Attackers of Maersk Boss Gildas Tohouo & his Wife confess to the murder

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The two suspected attackers of Managing Director of Maersk Nigeria, Gildas Tohouo and his wife Bernadette, have confessed to their murder.


Maersk boss Gildas Tohouo and his wife Bernadette was murdered by their domestic staff and his accomplice in their Ikoyi apartment.


According to new reports from Vanguard, the suspect Olamide Goke and his accomplice, Adeyinka Akanbi, masterminded the brutal attack, initially with the intention to rob the couple but after meeting with some resistance from the wife, they decided to kill her.


The first suspect, Akande Adeyinka, was tracked and arrested while he was hiding on a mango tree to escape from security officials, while the second suspect was found hiding in the power generating house. The knife they used for the operation was found with them while other weapons which they intended to use were found in a vacant flat in the estate.


Narrating the attack, Adegoke said:

We didn’t intend to kill her. I just wanted us to collect some foreign currency from her because she just returned from oversee four days back. When we got inside, I asked her to give us money but she said she had no money with her. Immediately she recognised me, my partner said it would be dangerous for us to leave her alive. At that point, we went to get the sniper used in the garden and asked her to drink it. She asked why we were doing that and I reminded her that it was because she once called me a black pig.

As we tried to force the sniper down her throat, she was vomiting it out, Akanbi used a pillow to suffocate her. Yet, she was still struggling with us. It was at that point that we stabbed her in different parts of the body.

We did not know that her husband was in. We thought he traveled because he was never at home. When we saw him, we attacked him with the knife used on his wife. But he ran back inside his bedroom. At that point, I rushed into their kitchen to get another knife to stab oga. If they had given me money, we would have left quietly. The couple are stingy. Anytime I approached them to give me money, they would refuse.

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