Australian man reveals he pays his wife for oral and anal s.e.x whenever he needs it

A man has asked if it’s OK to pay his wife for s.e.x, because he “needs it” multiple times-a-day, but has been slammed by a relationship expert.

Writing for, Isiah McKimmie said the agreement was “concerning” on multiple levels and could be a sign of emotional abuse.

In a series called Relationship Rehab, the anonymous Aussie husband asked: “I pay my wife for s.e.x: is this healthy?”

Writing into the paper, the bloke explained he came up with the solution after going “well over a year without” oral s.e.x.

He explained: “As our money is separate due to her being irresponsible, I put forward an idea:

“Every time she gives me oral s.e.x on its own, from start to climax I pay her $30 (£15), which may happen once a fortnight.

“I book it in and shower once kids are in bed and transfer her the money.”

Adding “the deal is when I want it she can’t say no”, the lad explained he occasionally pays his wife £100 (AUS$200) for anal s.e.x.

On top of this the couple, who have been together eight years and have two young kids, have s.e.x once or twice-a-week – for which there’s no payment.

I have a high s.e.x drive where I feel I need to ejaculate a minimum of twice a day and that’s why I put these offers forward where we both get something from it

“Are these payment deals something that you consider disturbing, or if it works for both of us, is it OK?” he asked.


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