Comedian Ebiye rejoices as he pays N900,000 car debt

Comedian Ebiye is all over the moon after clearing his N900,000 car debt.

The comedian was recently called out by a car dealer who said it was taking forever for him to clear his debt.
One of his followers — a baba olowo– then volunteered to donate N500k out of the money) Ebiye openly thanked him and ofcourse you read it on this blog). Now he is showing receipt of full payment saying he has balanced up and as his fans — true lovers tho, to thank for it.
Here is what he wrote while showing off the debt payment.


Thank you to everyone that supported! I would love to specially appreciate some people because without them, I would never have survived this.

And everyone that told me keep them anonymous ( you know yourselves )

Also special Thanks to everyone that also booked me for events and used my platform to promote their businesses.

Whosoever that blesses Ebiye Victor shall be blessed , and with the same energy Whosoever curses Ebiye Victor shall be Cursed

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