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Erigga Clapsback at SaidaBoj after she dragged him

Nigerian rapper Erigga has fired back at influencer Saida Boj in a heated exchange, hours after calling on the EFCC to investigate her income sources.

Erigga Clapsback at SaidaBoj after she dragged him

The drama began when Saida Boj made a controversial statement on The Honest Bunch podcast, claiming she would only sleep with a man who could offer her N20 million weekly.

Erigga strongly criticized her, labeling her a prostitute and questioning her financial dealings.

Saida Boj retaliated, calling Erigga a dwarf trying to revive his failing career by seeking her attention.

However, Erigga viciously replied her briefly, saying: “I no fit wear off-white come Dey drag with pig.”

This translates to “I won’t wear expensive clothes to argue with a pig,” implying that he won’t dignify her response with a reply.

The exchange has sparked a lively debate among fans and followers, with some siding with Erigga’s strong condemnation of Saida Boj’s comments and others defending her right to express her opinions.

As the drama unfolds, it remains to be seen if the two will continue to trade blows or move on from the feud.

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