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EU: Racist policing is under-reported, FRA says

A report from the Vienna-based agency reveals that most EU countries lack official data on racist incidents involving the police.EU: Racist policing is under-reported, FRA says

Only a few countries, like Germany, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, publish such data separately.

Despite low official records, incidents of police racism persist, targeting young men, ethnic minorities, Muslims, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Cases such as shootings of individuals from minority backgrounds and violent incidents, like those involving Roma boys in Greece, highlight the issue.

The report stresses that the lack of data doesn’t negate the existence of racist policing, citing evidence from surveys and media reports.

FRA urges EU nations to enhance reporting of racist incidents and strengthen laws against discrimination.

It also calls for more diverse police forces and emphasizes the need for independent police oversight.

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