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Extreme temperatures linked to increased stroke deaths

Extreme temperatures have been linked to increased stroke deaths and are expected to rise with climate change.

Extreme temperatures linked to increased stroke deaths

More than half a million stroke deaths were linked to extreme temperatures in 2019 alone, a recent study reveals. This number is predicted to climb with climate change driving up global temperatures. The study, published in Neurology, shows a rise in strokes related to temperature extremes since 1990, affecting all age groups, with men more affected than women.

Researchers examined temperatures and strokes across 204 countries, highlighting a growing stroke burden due to temperature fluctuations. While strokes due to cold temperatures increased in 2019, warmer temperatures also pose risks. With the polar vortex weakening due to warmer land temperatures, cooler climates can occur, leading to health risks.

Stroke deaths related to extreme temperatures are concentrated in poverty-stricken areas with fragile healthcare systems. Dr. Mary Rice, not involved in the study, emphasizes the urgent need for global action to mitigate climate change and its health impacts, including strokes. As temperatures rise, stroke risk increases globally, underscoring the importance of addressing climate change promptly.

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