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How I plan to reach Lagos from London by road – 28-year-old travel blogger



A 28-year-old travel content creator, Pelumi Nubi, has explained how she planned to embark on her solo trip from London, the capital of the United Kingdom, to Lagos.

Nubi, who started the trip on Tuesday, said her intention was to show the world that “impossible” is just a word while adding that when one has enough grit and determination, impossibility would be overlooked.

According to her, she would start from England, then cross into France, then Spain, and head to Morocco.  She added, “After that, it’s through the West Sahara Desert, Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Ghana, Togo, Benin, and finally Nigeria, reaching Lagos. We will see how things go!

She also noted how she had chatted with people who had had similar adventures, stressing that though no black woman had ever embarked upon such a journey, hers was not record-breaking motivated.

“Hey, everyone! I’ve got a crazy idea that I’m actually turning into reality. I’m driving solo from London to Lagos starting January 30, 2024.

“For months, I’ve been chatting with folks who have tackled similar adventures. As far as I know, no black woman has made this journey before. But hey, this isn’t about breaking records. It’s about showing the world,” she said.

Narrating why she was embarking on the voyage in an Instagram post, the travel blogger wrote, “As a solo black female traveler, I want to show that adventures like this are possible. It’s about exploring our beautiful continent, pushing my limits, and hopefully, inspiring some of you to chase your dreams, too.

“Truthfully, you’re never 100 per cent ready for something this massive. My approach? Set a date, and just go for it. Some days, I am filled with so much excitement. Other days, not so much!

“For the freedom, folks! It allows me to be spontaneous, cuts costs and adds a dash of excitement. I honestly wanted to see if I could push myself out of my comfort zone and do something different.”

“Thanks again for joining me on this grand adventure!”

Nubi, however, called for support from friends and well-wishers while admitting that it would be a wild ride.

The travel content creator in 2022 listed 77 countries she had visited at the age of 27. And now has reached 80 out of the 193 countries in the world.

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