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I once lost my mother’s phone to gambling – BBTitans’ Blaqboi

Ex Big Brother Titans housemate, Blaqboi, has reminisced how he lost a phone which his mother gave him when he was in secondary school.

Blaqboi said she gifted him her Nokia C3 and on a day in 2011, he went to a  market around University of Jos Teaching Hospital andparticipated in a street card game and staked the phone in order to win money, but the card dealer outsmarted him.

In his words; “The year was 2011, Sec.Sch was on long vac break, my Mom had just gifted me her Nokia C3, i was feeling on top of the world, i was one of the few kids with a keyboard button phone among my peers, 2go Chat was seeing shege from me. Then this faithful day i went to terminus market Just around Juth, i saw people gathered, 15 year old me was curious, so i pushed my way through and got to the font and saw these guys with cards, the guy in-charge (i still vividly remember his face) would rearrange the cards and ask people to pick a particular card but The people kept failing and i innocently pointed to a card, he opened and i was right, guys people started clapping for me, i felt like a genius, he did it again, i pointed at a card, and got it once more, then everyone was hailing me, this man now said i should drop my phone.

He would shuffle again, if i get it he will give me my phone plus money, GUYSS! I don’t believe in Jazz but i think that day was an exception, i handed over my phone, this man shuffled this thing and i kid you not, i saw this card it was the card with the shape, i pointed at It, and he opens it i saw a blank card, the coldness that went through my spine! I wanted to cry i couldn’t find tears, before i realised my phone wasn’t on the table, his partner was holding it i walked to him and starter begging, he asked for my triibe i told him, next thing he said is ‘you are lucky’ I felt so much relief, he says he is coming, he goes away and comes back, i could see the shape of my phone in his pocket, after a while he gives me my sim card, if i tell you how confused i was, apparently it was my phone case in his pocket, i started

Begging, these guys did not even look at me, I remember a man selling gonjo cloths just beside them, i went to talk to this man to help me talk to them, this man did not even raise an eyebrow to look at me, this whole time its not the phone thats my issue, its what my mum will do To me, i know what i got for doing less, but this is pure silliness and inexcusable. Anyways i never told her the truth, told her the phone got stolen, funny thing is few years ago i still saw that same man at that same spot, i honestly wanted to punch him.

Apparently the by standers are in on it , they are all waiting for a prey. This country is the absolute Ghetto. Desmond Elliot this is all your fault btw. Ok, let me explain the Desmond Elliott part, before going to the market i was watching a D.E movie, he did something that annoyed me so i put it off and went to the market, had he not annoyed me, i’d have finished the movie and those guys would’ve let the market when i got there.”

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