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“I Wasn’t Happy at all”: Nigerian Mum Narrates How She Smartly Handled a Teacher Who Flogged Her Boy at School

A data analyst identified as Mukoso Medidem has stunned netizens with how she wisely handled a school teacher who flogged her boy.

In a Facebook post, Mukoso said during a school run on Tuesday, January 31, her son reported to her that his teacher flogged him and that his hand was swollen.

Teacher, mum, flog her son, mum deals with teacher

According to her son, his school teacher canned him for not being able to pronounce some tricky words. Mukoso said this got her upset and displeased as she doesn’t support flogging.

She added that her kids freeze when they see a cane and expected that teachers do their jobs without resorting to flogging.

“I do not support flôging, especially when it has something to do with education; getting children to read, understand or solve something.

“Sebi that’s why you are the teacher na!‍♀️

“My children totally freeze once they see a cane. It’s like their own cryptonite,” she wrote.

How Mukoso dealt with the situation

Having decided not to return back to the school to confront the teacher, Mukoso said she placed a call to the tutor. The teacher did not pick her call.

Minutes later, the teacher messaged her on Whatsapp and Mukoso enquired what the words were without voicing out her anger about her son being flogged. She wrote how her exchange with the teacher went:

“A few minutes later she sent a wassap message.

“I replied…

“Please what is the tricky word you wanted my boy to pronounce? He is crying bitterly here”

“She replied with a voice note and from it, I could tell she was worried.

“Her voice was shaky, she was stammering and breaking her sentences.

“Guilty as charged!!

“Basically, her response was …

“She was surprised that he couldn’t read the words out because my son knew the words before but it seems he had forgotten them…”

The teacher eventually apologised and they ironed things out. She noted that her son has improved since the incident as he doesn’t have to worry about being flogged.

Social media reactions

Anem Ashley Golden said:

“It’s really not easy cos even as a mother, I used to loose it when my children can’t understand simple things and I’d hit them and feel extremely bad about it later. May God help us to be patient.”

Benedict Goddey said:

“Very impressive!”

Emilia Odikpo said:

“Pls how did i know this woman again??? God bless you for all the knowledge you are giving here just can’t get enough of these your units courses . You are loved ma’am.”

Sly Berry said:

“The way you approach issues calmly is amazing we should study you like a 6 unit course in the university.

“You are so full of wisdom God bless you and your children.”

Awoniyi T’rayo Ola said:

“I think I will apply this method on my girl, she doesn’t like cane nor any kind of punishment. But my worry now is how I can deal with her without punishment bcos she’s just too stubborn for my liking.”

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