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I’ve never raised a hand to hit a woman – Actor Yemi Blaq

Nollywood actor Yemi Blaq has emphasized in an interview that he has never resorted to violence against women throughout his life

I've never raised a hand to hit a woman - Actor Yemi Blaq

Speaking on the “Talk To B” show with Biola Adebayo, Blaq delved into various aspects of his career and the entertainment industry.

During the conversation, Blaq touched upon the effects of physical aggression towards women and how women are often the main cause of male cheating on them.

Furthermore, Blaq reflected on the upbringing he received from his father, who had a strong passion for the arts and even invested in Nigeria’s first cinema.

Despite his father’s occasional hot temper, Blaq noted that he never witnessed any instance of domestic violence in his household, emphasizing the importance of respectful and nonviolent relationships.

He expressed, “I have been in relationships where I have been pushed to the wall and pushed through the wall but I have never hit a woman before.
“If you put a he-goat on the television and he appears like 5time a lot of women will still write him letters to the Dm of the he-goat.

“My father was so interested in art that he invested in the first cinema in Nigeria, my father has a hot temper but I had never seen him raise his voice at my house or hit her.”

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