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‘Jagun Jagun’ a multi-billionaire project – Adebayo


Femi Adebayo has revealed the length he went to produce the trending indigenous movie ‘JagunJagun’.

In an interview with newsmen, the actor disclosed that he sold his properties to fund the movie because he didn’t want to seek help from financial institutions and individuals.

Adebayo said Jagun Jagun is a multi-billion project though he did not disclose the exact amount he spent on funding the project.

“JagunJagun is a multi-billion naira project and I can’t say the exact amount I spent on it on shooting.

“I used the proceeds of Ageshinkole to produce Jagun Jagun. I was working on not getting funded by finance houses and individuals. At a point, I was out of finance and because I had faith that the project would work, I sold my properties.”

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