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Kind-hearted man bought stolen bike worth £1,400 just to return it to owner


A man bought a stolen bike worth £1,400 just to return it to the owner. Big-hearted Ste Burke from Liverpool was even praised by grime artist Stormzy for his kindness – who branded him a “Top man”.

The Whyte bike had been stolen two days ago and was being sold on by thieves at a knock down price.

Luckily kind-hearted Ste stepped in and purchased the bike in the hopes of returning it to its owner.

He originally posted a picture of the bike on Twitter yesterday with the caption: “Has anyone had their bike stolen? Just bought this for £80 and it’s got a bike lock on it.

“Apparently it’s from the Crosby area. Bought it so I can get it to back to the right owner.

“I know it’s a £1350 bike and I’d be heartbroken if it was me. Give us a shout.”

Social media users quickly sprung into action, and managed to locate the bike’s real owner, a man named Gary.

Gary then sent Ste a message and the pair arranged for him to drop the bike back to its home.

A delighted Ste tweeted again, saying: “Was messaged on here by someone and it ended up being the fellas who’s bike it was.

“He had the key to the bike lock and all the paperwork to go with it. Ended up being from dovecot.

“Said his house got had off two days ago and He’d saved up and spent £1250 on the bike last year.

“Said his house has been had off but he’s made up that he’s managed to get his bike back, so happy days. It’s in the right hands now.”

Despite shelling out his own money on the purchase, Ste says he is not fussed if he recoups his money and is just happy he could help out.

Social media users were quick to praise Ste online.

Nick Wilton said: “Thanks for restoring my faith in human nature. Well done you.”

@BigCenzy added: “You’re a legend mate.”

And @whoismoira wrote: “What a lovely thing to do.”

Speaking today, Ste said: “I had just come home from the gym and I was at my home and I was getting my gym bag out of the boot of my car to take in, when three men approached me and asked did I want to buy a bike.


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