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Lol! See funny reactions from social media users over Kemi Adeosun’s forged NYSC certificate

See reactions of Nigerians on social media below…

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Parosident Buhari@TheMbuhar

I like how Kemi is following my footsteps.

If I can look 68 in my WAEC passport in 1961, why can’t Kemi look 45 in her NYSC picture?

Wailers will say it’s photoshop.

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SEGA L’éveilleur®🚨@segalink

Femi Falana’s (SAN) NYSC Cert was withheld for 18years until the Oputa panel. Many folks have issues with sorting out their exemption application but to FORGE a Certificate MUST be the height of mischief. Worst still is the delay in the response to the damaging allegation 😞

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HENRY Okelue


We are still waiting for Kemi Adeosun, Minister of Finance, to give a response to the issues around here NYSC certificate forgery allegation.

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Dr. Joe Abah


The allegations by Premium Times against Kemi Adeosun are very grave indeed. From dodging NYSC, to forgery, to succumbing to blackmail. They had better be on solid ground! If the allegations turn out to be false, I would expect the Minister to sue them for all they’ve got!

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Olayinka Samuel🇳🇬@_olayinka

The embattledFinance Minister and her Supporters are pushing round poorly photoshopped Picture of her participating in the NYSC scheme.

She submitted a forged NYSC Waiver Certificate and the unintelligent liars are bring a picture where she was serving.

We will see to the end.

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Nicholas Ibekwe@nicholasibekwe

In this Kemi Adeosun NYSC certificate forgery saga, the one thought that keeps resonating in my mind is “Where is Aye Dee?”

He used to tweet in her defence even before he officially announced he has joined the APC and stated calling critics of the government “fault finders”.

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Farooq Kperogi, Ph.D@farooqkperogi

The real problem in @HMKemiAdeosun‘s NYSC scandal isn’t that she didn’t serve her nation but feeds fat from it; it is that she FORGED an NYSC discharge certificate. Forgery is a CRIMINAL offence in Nigeria. I can explain away her not participating in the NYSC, but not her forgery

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👑 DaddyMo PhD CEng 👑@officialdaddymo

So these allegations of NYSC forgery against Kemi Adeosun are gaining momentum?

She should kukuma come out and give us an account of her NYSC experience, where she served and details of her camp and POP, etc.

It’s not hard now or is it?
This silence is too loud.

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Remi Sonaiya


Patiently waiting for the Min. of Finance @HMKemiAdeosun to break this silence which is becoming rather uncomfortable. The honorable thing to do would be to come out clean: Did you forge your NYSC certificate or not? It’d be so refreshing to have a public officer .

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