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Man kills girlfriend and her lover after finding them having sex upon return from jail

A man who bonded out of jail went home to find his girlfriend sleeping with her lover, so he allegedly killed them both, according to police.

Kenyatta Bellamy, 50, left jail on Tuesday after spending a year behind bars for DUI manslaughter.

When he got to his house in Davenport, Florida, he found his girlfriend, who he let live in his house living with another man.

Bellamy called his mom to see if he could visit her in Miami, but he couldn’t, as bus service was canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

On Friday, Bellamy took his girlfriend’s son, who the sheriff’s office said calls Bellamy “daddy,” despite not being his father to a family member’s house, and went to grab dinner with his cousin.

Bellamy told his cousin he was upset about his girlfriend’s lover living in his house, and asked him to drop him off at a gas station after dinner because he didn’t want to return home.

His cousin later went to Bellamy’s home, knocked on the door but no one answered. The cousin said he smelled smoke and called 911.

It turns out, according to police, Bellamy killed his girlfriend and her lover, after he became enraged when he saw them having s.e.x, and lit a fire in the bedroom and closed the door.

The 50-year-old said he was power washing the outside of his house, but when he went inside, he saw the woman and her lover having s.e.x and said he “lost it.”

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Bellamy used a hammer and knife to kill the man and woman.

Bellamy let his girlfriend live in his house and gave her money to pay the bills, and didn’t know she asked the man to move in with her, police said.

Authorities noted they smelled gasoline in the home and found a gas can inside.

In March 2019, Bellamy was arrested and jailed to failing to appear before a judge after he was charged in January 2018 with a DUI manslaughter in neighboring Osceola County.

Sheriff Grady Judd criticized officials in Osceola for letting Bellamy bond out.

“If this suspect had remained in jail where he belonged, these two victims would still be alive,” he said in a statement.

“We are still piecing together why, after spending almost a year in jail, he was allowed to bond out. This is an awful tragedy that should never have happened.”

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