Man who raped 16-year old girl blames wife for sex-starving him

Man arrested for raping 16-year old girl blames wife for sex-starving him

The news was shared by Harrison Gwamnishu who wrote below

We received a distress call from a concerned Nigerian who reported a case of rape against a minor.

16 year old was sent on an errand by her Aunt at about 8:15pm. On her way back, she discovered she was been followed by an unknown man. This scared her and she started running. The man ran after her, got hold of her and dragged her to back of a Container/Shop, tore her underwear.

The victim’s continuous shout for help, attracted our witness No 1, who reached out and called other witnesses informing them someone was shouting for help. The perpetrator held her down, covered her mouth and threatened to kill her if she keeps shouting.

Witness No 1 and others rescued the victim but unfortunately the rapist escaped.

Witness No 1, got home and saw his neighbor with same cloth the rapist wore and looking dirty. The victim was brought in and she identified the man as the person who forcefully tore her underwear to rape her.
BBI Enugu reported the case to Trans Ekulu Police Station, Enugu and suspect is currently detained.
He didn’t deny d allegations but said his wife starved him of sex. The wife showed us her recent surgery and stitches are yet to be removed.

The victim sustained head injuries while struggling with the rapist as he kept hitting her head no the container wall.

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