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Mohbad’s father vows not to bury him UNTIL autopsy result is out & DNA test carried out on son

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Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian musician Mohbad, has said that unless the autopsy results stating the cause of his son’s death and DNA paternity testing result for his grandson are out, Mohbad’s remains will not be buried.

Aloba, who spoke in an exclusive interview with TVC News, explained that he needed those results to have full closure regarding his late son and whether Mohbad was the father of Liam (his grandson).

According to him, the DNA paternity testing was important because when Liam was born, someone else collected the placenta delivered after his birth.

Asked why it was taking so long to bury MohBad, he said: “My reason is this, you know MohBad had already been buried with some arrangements, they have to exhume him for some reasons, and the reason is to know exactly what killed him. As you saw these days now, we are still expecting the result to come out which is necessary before we can even make any attempt to bury him.

“So, we need the DNA and autopsy results. It is very important. So those are the things that are delaying. After those ones, we can make a move.”

On why they need the DNA testing results, he said: “We the family need the DNA (results) for some reasons because when Liam was born, I don’t know the person they gave the placenta to.”

According to him, immediately after Liam was born, his late son called him but when he wanted to go and meet him, MohBad) called to say “Daddy, there is no need again”.

“I was so surprised and this is the kind of something that has been happening since.

“I could remember when he bought land and that land is hanging with his mother-in-law. So, the same thing happened concerning the placenta. He said, ‘Daddy, no need again,’ that he had arranged for the person who was going to bury that I have to keep quiet. I haven’t said anything since then. I was so surprised when the wife was even mentioning it that is why I recollected my sense and asked who handled the placenta.”

Speaking on the importance of the placenta in Yoruba culture, he said, “We the family of the man are supposed to take care of that but I was so surprised when that was taken away from me. But then I didn’t value it as something bigger. It was now that I realised that there must be something behind this.

“That is what the spirit in me tells me, that there’s something behind the placenta.

“I want to know the person they gave the placenta to and this is why I need the DNA and the autopsy to be out before we can do the burial.

He vowed to wait till the results come out no matter how long it would take before his burial.

“No matter how long it takes I will stand until we get the results. If we are not satisfied with the results, I’m sure the whole world they are looking at us now. They will support me in taking care of the body and to find the real results. So we are going to do the private test for him (Liam),” he insisted.

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