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Moment doctors find the cause of woman’s itchy ear – and it’s shocking!

Lalita Dhimar from Jodhapur, central India, has seek medical attention after experiencing discomfort and an itchy sensation in her ear, leading her to a shocking discovery

In a surprising revelation, doctors found a live cricket residing in her ear canal.

Live cricket removed from ear
Live cricket removed from ear

Dr U Kaushik, who attended to Lalita, utilized a microscope to inspect her ear before making the startling discovery.

The shocking moment was captured on video, showcasing the careful extraction of the insect using tweezers.

The footage depicts the wriggling cricket being removed, emphasizing the potential damage it could have caused had it remained lodged in her ear.

Lalita, unaware of the creature’s presence, had not noticed when the cricket crawled into her ear.

This incident echoes a similar case in 2014, where a man in India had a 3-inch insect extracted from his ear canal.

Michael Sweet, an expert on invertebrate biology, noted that Indian house crickets, known as an invasive species, prefer warm environments and often hide during daylight.

Dr. Piradee Chanmonthon, 37, emphasized Lalita’s luck, stating, “Luckily, the tick didn’t lay any eggs or embed in her ear because that would take longer to remove and might have involved an operation.”

Dr. Richard Nelson, an emergency medicine physician, explained that insects crawling into human ears is not uncommon, with cockroaches being the most frequent invaders due to their tendency to seek small, dark spaces, fitting the description of the ear.

Possible side effects from such incidents include redness, swelling, discharge, dizziness, loss of balance, and nausea.

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