More Details Emerge As Millionaire Is Accused Of Murdering Girlfriend During ‘Rough Sex’


A millionaire and property tycoon accused of murdering his partner during an S&M sessionwould regularly enjoy “rough sex” with her and smacking her bottom with a belt, a court heard. John Broadhurst, 40, is accused of murdering Natalie Connolly, 26, at their home in Kinver, West Mids., in the early hours of December 18, 2016.


The mum-of-one was found naked except for a skirt rolled up to her waist at the foot of the staircase in a pool of blood having suffered over 40 injuries.

Broadhurst allegedly battered her to death following a drug and booze-fuelled sadomasochistic sex session.

A court heard he may have attacked Natalie to “teach her a lesson” after discovering she had been messaging other men behind his back – sending one topless photos.

Broadhurst is currently on trial at Birmingham Crown Court where he denies murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Today it emerged the couple first started an affair while Broadhurst was in a relationship with another woman.

Natalie’s twin sister Gemma Andrews, 26, gave evidence and told the jury how the couple had been “smitten” together.

She also recalled the moment she received a phone call from her mother to inform her that her sister had died.

Tearfully giving evidence, she said: “That sent me into total shock. I was aware John Broadhurst had been arrested.

“She was very open with me about her relationships with men. We were twin sisters. I was born two minutes before her. June or July 2016 is when they started their relationship. They first started texting each other.

“Natalie used to go on business meetings to meet John Broadhurst – sometimes in Manchester, sometimes Scotland. I was aware he was still in another relationship at the time. Natalie and John were keeping their relationship quiet.

“He told his partner at some stage he had found someone else. Natalie was really happy with John Broadhurst. He seemed smitten with her.

“I knew he was a successful businessman and I knew their relationship became a sexual one. Natalie told me he was good in bed, and he liked to have rough sex.

“The rough sex was routine and would include John Broadhurst smacking her bottom with a belt. She showed me belt marks on her bottom and grab marks on her arm. I was shocked by that.

“I knew that with one previous boyfriend she had had rough sex, though not to that extent. He gave her £200 a week for living expenses.

“I was aware John and Natalie would use cocaine every now and then – they didn’t depend on it.”

The court heard a 999 call made by Broadhurst in the morning of December 18, 2016, in which he said: “I think she’s probably dead.

“I woke up this morning, went downstairs. We had been drinking. She’s lying on the floor.”

He repeatedly exclaimed “Oh my God” as he tried to perform CPR on her.

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