Nigerians react as girlfriend sits while boyfriend’s mum sweeps

Girlfriend sits while boyfriend's mum sweeps - Nigerians react lailasnews


Twitter is currently buzzing as a story of a Nigerian girlfriend that sat while her boyfriend’s mum swept the room was shared on the platform.
A user on the platform Lord Fuad wrote that a man brought home his girlfriend to meet his mother and while he left her in the sitting room, his mother started sweeping but his girl did not assist her.
“This guy took his gf to his house. He left her in the parlour, went to the room. His mum was sweeping the floor, got to the girl’s place, she lifted her leg so the mum could sweep underneath.Was she right to do that?”
The move obviously was a test for the lady from the boyfriend’s mum, which according to the woman, must have been a bad 1st impression on the side of the girlfriend.

Nigerians however share mixed feelings over the issue and they didn’t hesitate to pour out their minds in the comment section.
See some comments we were able to gather:
A man identifid as Sean Johnson wrote:
All these girls can make mouth for Africa. Find the guy that fit your style and if you are helping the mum sweet, it won’t kill your self esteem in anyway. Have learnt on SM that those who say they can do this are actually the ones who do it
Melinda however said she would not sweep as well as the test was just a stupid one:
All this tests that mothers give girlfriends are stupid. The person that wants to marry me should know if it’s the 1st time I’m meeting the mother & she does this I won’t sweep. I’ll probably fake a call from my mum that I have to take outside and From there to my house
Dr. Chiemeziem shared his thought too:
She’s a visitor to that house for all I care, visitors deserve to be pampared.
Ebere said she would sweep and gave her reason:
I’ll take the broom and sweep not bc I’m obligated to but because I just think its courtesy one then because I’m even happy to be visiting and I don’t want to see myself as a visitor more than I should. Whether they’re testing their ancestors or not, mine is to be happy
In our culture it means you are not wanted in the home:
In my culture if someone starts sweeping, it means they don’t really want you in their house or at the least want you to leave. So I would be insulted, leave and never return.

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