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OAU female student allegedly runs mad while reading for exam

OAU female student


Nigerian universities are known for the odd crises that happen within their walls every now and then. These happenings usually revolve around the students or even other elements within the school environment.

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is one such university that harbours these eccentric occurrences. On this note, it has been reported that a Nigerian female who is a student of the prestigious university ran mad while preparing for an examination she was meant to write soon.


Report had it that the lady in question was at the Oduduwa Lecture Theatre (ODLT) where the students normally receive lectures when the event happened. As is usually common with OAU students, the Nigerian lady was reading at midnight within the hall when she started behaving abnormally.


According to an eye witness who simply identified himself as Oluwapelumi, the unidentified mentally disturbed student was reading when all at once she began to drum with the book she was reading.

The observer also played an active role in her rescue as he went to call able-bodied security men in a nearby hostel called Akintola Hall so that she could be removed from the premises. Oluwapelumi in an advice to his fellow students said that:

“Plz read calmly oo”


Another student Emma Axd who also witnessed the event also emphasized on the fact that students should read calmly. He also touched on the fact that the incident was so serious that he could rarely forget it.

Quite a number of the university’s undergraduates who were in the premise of ODLT when the whole episode occurred gave their opinions on what transpired. One of them said he thought she was simply acting a movie or doing what in the OAU parlance is called “aro”.

OAU school


Another insinuated that the ODLT hall was creepy and thus susceptible to harbouring those kinds of happenings. Another class of people attributed the lady’s mental instability to spiritual implications and consequences.

However, a lot more debunked this claim by saying the educational stress in Nigeria was enough to cause someone who was not emotionally capable to break down in a terrible way.

Moreover, almost everyone agreed that reading tirelessly especially with a malnourished feeding scheme could indeed cause one to go bonkers.

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