Only child dies in fatal Abuja car crash a month before wedding

A fatal car crash around Life Camp Roundabout, Abuja, has claimed the life of a Nigerian man a month to his wedding.

Social media users are mourning the death of the unnamed Nigeria man, who died yesterday in a fatal crash around Life Camp Roundabout, Abuja.

According to reports, he was driving the white Ford Mustang GT that crashed in the area, and there was no other passenger onboard the vehicle at the the time of the crash.

Sharing a picture from the crash, Gimba Kakanda wrote on Twitter;

A white Ford Mustang GT crashed around Life Camp Roundabout just now, killing the driver on the spot, with the car destroyed into tiny pieces. The engine and gear box flew out of the car after the impact. This is a part of the car burning as I typed this. Such a painful sight!

Reacting to his post, a friend of the deceased revealed that the victim was set to get married next month before the unfortunate incident. The friend wrote;



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