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Oshiomhole: If Your Face Is Not Diplomatic, At Least Your Mouth Should…by Reno Omokri

Oshiomhole: If Your Face Is Not Diplomatic, At Least Your Mouth Should?by Reno Omokri
Read Reno’s pece below….
Ever since Adams Oshiomhole became the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress on June 24, 2018, he has acted, and is still acting like a bull in a China shop. No finesse, no tact, no diplomacy.
He has gone from one unforced error to another. The fellow behaves as if his mandate is to destroy the APC. As a prominent opposition voice, I can say that neither myself nor Femi Fani Kayode, or Governor Ayo Fayose, have done as much to destroy Buhari and the APC aa Adams Oshiomhole.
In retrospect, if John Odigie Oyegun made mistakes while in office as APC Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, is himself a mistake.
His personality is not suited for the office he occupies. And thankfully so. He is free with insults and crass language.
Look at the words he has used and is still using on Senate President Bukola Saraki. I won’t soil my column by repeating some of them here, but the man has shown that he lacks depth and historical perspective when he called on the Senate President to resign his position and said as follows:
“I mean you should not collect a crown that belongs to a family and wear it on behalf of the family if for your personal reasons which he has enumerated that he has gone to another family.”
This is so silly especially when you consider that Oshiomhole’s Godfather, the equally undiplomatic President Muhammadu Buhari, had himself praised then Speaker, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, when on October 20, 2014, Tambuwal defected to the APC.
At that time, the APC, as a party, officially argued that Tambuwal could keep his speakership even after leaving the party on whose platform he got that position.
On October 29, 2014, Femi Gbajabiamila, the then minority leader of the APC in the House of Representatives said “He (Tambuwal) did not come to the speakership of the House through the PDP. The PDP does not want him any longer. They have tried to remove him several times, so he has to leave the party. I can’t understand the pain of PDP, he came in as speaker not basically as a result of PDP support but as a result of support of the entire house. He had over 250 votes while the PDP nominee had only 90 votes. It was because of the support of the members of the House that he became the speaker. It tells you how much support he has in the House.”
What Gbajabiamila said of Tambuwal is aa true today of Saraki as it was true then.
Senator Bukola Saraki became the Senate President through the votes of Peoples Democratic Party Senators. His then party, APC, did not want him. The leaders of the party did not want him. President Buhari did not want him. Adams Oshiomhole did not want him. So why do they want to stand logic on its head today?
My advice to Oshiomhole is this- At least if you are not good looking, you should try to be good talking. If your face is not diplomatic, at least your mouth should be diplomatic.
I really do not understand this Oshiomhole. How can you have a face like that yet you make no effort to compensate for such an appeariance by having an appealing disposition! Today, it is impossible to tell the difference between APC’s face and Adams’ face. They are just as good as each other!
If Adams Oshiomhole continues like this, he may end up being the only man left in the APC by the time elections are due next year February.
Hasn’t Adams noticed the loud silence from the usually garrulous Bola Tinubu and Rotimi Amaechi? Their silence speaks volumes!
?If not for SHAME Rotimi Amaechi would have defected to the PDP. ?
?If not for FEAR of EFCC, Bola Tinubu would have abandoned the APC. ?
?If not for RELEVANCE, Oshiomhole himself would have returned to the Labour Party. ?
?If not for DESPERATION, Rochas would have returned to APGA?.
And, if not for PRIDE, Buhari himself would have resigned as President!
At the risk of repeating myself, let me again say that ?opposition parties do not need to do much to destroy the APC. Adams Oshiomhole is doing that all by himself.
The amount of crisis that has erupted in the APC in less than one month of his being in charge proof that you can’t put a crown on a clown and expect a king!? That Oshiomhole was a labour leader does not automatically mean that he can also be a party leader. Unfortunately, it seems that APC prefers to learn the hard way.
What Buhari and Oshiomhole have yet to figure out is that politics is a game of persuasion not one of coercion. In the 21st Century, the only kind of offensive you want to unleash on your opponents is a charm offensive, not an aggressive one. Politics is about addition, not subtraction. Buhari and Oshiomhole better learn fast or fade away faster!
Adams Oshiomhole is a Noisemaker while Senator Bukola Saraki is a newsmaker. When you are a newsmaker, noisemakers will attack you so that they can also be in the news, because if they talk about themselves nobody will listen to them, but if they talk about you, everybody will listen to them.
If I may be permitted to give some free advice to President Buhari, it would go thus: Your inner circle determines your outer power. You cannot perform at your best if your party chairmen is a person who is best at negative things like gossip, backbiting and other vices. The negativity emanating from him will block positivity from getting to you.

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