Scientists Claim That Footballers With Tattoos Are More Likely To Score Penalty.


Footballers with tattoos are up to 17 per cent more likely to convert a penalty, scientists say. A study found players with inkings are more aggressive and bigger risk-takers, giving them a psychological edge.


The tattoos on stars like England’s Kieran Trippier can subconsciously intimidate goalkeepers, experts from Manchester University and Switzerland’s University Hospital Basel told journal Dermatology.

Over all 69 penalties in this year’s World Cup, tattooed players scored 72 per cent of penalties, compared with 68.2 per cent for the rest.

But in the high-pressure knock-out stages, the gap was 73 per cent against 62.5 per cent — a 17 per cent boost.

Not having inkings on show did not stop Harry Kane from scoring all four of his spot kicks to be top scorer.

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