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Shallipopi says Music Money is like rituals

Shallipopi says Music Money is like RITUALS

Shallipopi has started making real money, and he says MUSIC MONEY IS LIKE RITUALS. Deep! Deep!!

Let me define his rituals for you. You know when you earn more money than you worked for, or expect. There are shows, concerts, private shows too, streams, youtube and the list is endless. One SONG different source of income!

Speaking about the wealth in the music industry, in an interview with Pop Central TV, he said;

“There is too much money in music that you can never understand at all. Music money is like a ritual.

“Even if you are an artist that just came out one month, provided your song is just big, don’t worry.

“So for me now, I no dey balance anything because I know that music will not stop; even if I stop singing, the songs that I have dropped will continue to give me money.”

Shallipopi rose to fame after releasing his first single titled ‘Elon Musk’.

And just yesterday, Wizkid said even if Shallipopi coughs, he will dance!

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