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Suicide: Mum hangs herself after ex-boyfriend shares her sex tape at work

Mum commits suicide after ex-boyfriend shares her sex tape at work - lailasnews


A mum commits suicide after her jealous ex-boyfriend released a sextape they made while they were still a couple.

The mum commits suicide leaving her two children. Veronica Rubio, hung herself in her home in the town of Alcala de Henares, near Madrid, after her ex-boyfriend shared the revenge porn to get back at her.

The 32 year old dated the unnamed ex-boyfriend in 2014. She later moved on, got married to another man, and had two young children.

But the ex-boyfriend, who she worked with at the Iveco owned CNH Industrial lorry factory in San Fernando de Henares, Spain, was apparently hurt after she rejected him. He then leaked the X-rated video and it was circulated online, even at her workplace.

Ms Rubio‘s colleague told local media:

“She got very nervous and had to leave the factory because she could not stand the pressure, not only here but also in her family.‘She only wanted the story to move on, for people to stop talking as soon as possible. She did not think about reporting it.”

When the scandal would not die down, Ms Rubio was said to have apologised to her husband then she committed suicide. She leaves behind a 4-year-old child and a 9-month old baby.

Reacting to her death, CNH Industrial said it was aware of her situation and had offered her help. A spokesperson added they had followed protocol and offered Mrs Rubio a different role and sick leave, which she apparently rejected.

But a union at the factory disputed this and they are reportedly planning to sue the company for not activating the sexual harassment protocol. The factory workers also organised a protest at work over the death of Ms Rubio.

The Spanish Penal Code punishes those who leak a video without the permission of the person in it with a prison sentence between three months to one year if it affects their personal privacy. Police confirmed they were investigating and said no report had been made about the sex tape.

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