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Super Bowl fans are losing their minds over Shakira’s ‘tongue thing’


Shakira sent Super Bowl fans wild as she showed off her tongue dancing. The popstar’s “tongue thing” was all anybody could talk about after her halftime show with Jennifer Lopez.

Shakira and J-Lo brought the house down by putting on the sexiest halftime show ever.

But it was this one moment that sent Twitter into meltdown.

As the 43-year-old songstress worked her way through a medley of her hits, the bombshell leaned into a close-up camera shot and waggled her tongue around while making a sound.

The moment was instantly made into a GIF as fans took to social media to share their admiration.

One posted: “Everyone wagging their tongue for @shakira!!! Shakira, what have you started”

Another said: “Invest now: the Shakira tongue thing will be the most popular meme for the next few weeks”

A third wrote: “That’s what I’m talking about! @shakira has the moves and the tongue to make men & women HOT!”

“No way this WASN’T gonna become a gif within seconds after she snek snaked dat tongue,” one said.

While another posted: “The tongue thing was incredible. I need more of that out of these halftime shows”

But others pointed out that Shakira’s “tongue thing” was a nod to her Arabic culture.

Shakira was born in Colombia, and has Lebanese roots, with her paternal grandparents emigrating from Lebanon to New York City, where her father was born.

Her name is also a tribute to her Arabic roots as Shakira is Arabic for grateful.

She also has Spanish and Italian ancestry on her mother’s side.

One fan explained on Twitter: “People are so ignorant. Shakira’s “tongue thing” was a ululation. It’s a sound made in Arab cultures typically by women during times of celebration. Shakira is half Lebanese. Grow up. Read a book. Read, anything.”

“Yes, @shakira! Out here doing the Zaghrouta, a popular Arab expression used to convey happiness and celebration,” another posted.

And one said: “Arab + latin culture ! @shakira you nailed it girl!”

Shakira put on the halftime show alongside J-Lo at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami as the San Francisco 49ers took on the Kansas City Chiefs.

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