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The Weeknd Breaks Guinness World Record For Most Popular Artist


The Weeknd is officially the world’s most popular artist. Guinness shared the news yesterday (March 20).

The famed record-keeping publication chalks the results up to statistics, noting the “Earned It” hitmaker has the most monthly listeners on Spotify at 111.4 million fans as of yesterday. He also broke a second record — becoming the first musician to surpass 100 million monthly listeners on the streaming service.

On social media, fans applauded his victory. “Ya [faves] could NEVER,” one person who included the feat shared on Twitter.

Another user responded, “I don’t care for popularity usually [because] popular artists these days don’t [have] good music, but Abel having top-tier music AND being the most popular feels unreal.”

Guinness added a list of other chart-topping artists that The Weeknd beat out in order to take the coveted spot.

Shakira’s fanbase got her to 81.6 million, Ariana Grande is closely behind at 80.6 million, with an almost microscopic decrease is Taylor Swift with 80.2 million, and the 2023 Super Bowl halftime performer Rihanna brings in an impressive 78.5 million monthly listeners.

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