Three Passengers Killed In Boat Accident In Rivers State. Photo


A boat mishap has claimed at least three lives in Rivers state. The incident happened recently after a boat reportedly capsized with an unspecified number of passengers on board.


Other passengers were said to have survived the accident but three couldn’t make it including the lady wearing a life jacket as can be seen in the picture above.

A concerned citizen, Otunba Barryda Leyiga, wrote on Facebook;

Another Boat Mishap in Rivers State, Exposes the Incompetence of those who oversee the Ministry of Transport. A Ministry that cannot provide or inspect life jackets being used in the state. Several boat Mishaps, several lives lost. Nothing done by the Ministry.

She wore a life Jacket, it was expired. Like the many others that are being used even now.
No regulation and supervision of the water transporters. The Ministry of Transport see these boat owners as locals and don’t get involved in their activities

The Commissioner of Transport murdered these ones by his incompetence.

And as a Rivers Man i call on the RSHA to demand and inquiry into the activities of the water transport sector of the Ministry of transport. And submit same to the Governor, Recommending the Sack of the Leadership of that Ministry.

One year, How many Rivers People have died through Water Transportation. Rivers Lives Matter.

If nothing is done Joe Blankson died for Nothing, and We deserve Buhari

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