Unlucky prisoner crashes through ceiling and lands in waiting room during botched jail break


A prisoner may well have staked a claim to the worst attempted escape from jail ever after it ended with her plummeting through the ceiling of the waiting room.

Jessica Boomershine, 42, was in jail after allegedly breaking into a house with another man and assaulting an 85-year-old in Miamisberg, Ohio.

As she was sitting in the waiting room at the Montgomery County Jail she decided to try to escape.

In CCTV footage, Boomershine is seen using a chair to hoist herself into a hole in the ceiling.

Other stunned inmates watch on before police finally enter the room.

Pieces of the ceiling begin to fall down before the entire roof collapses and Boomershine crashes back to the ground.

Officers rush to restrain the dazed prisoner who seemed to soften her fall by crashing into a trash can.

She was sitting in the waiting room before attending her court trial on January 21.

Boomershine is now facing new charges for escape and destruction of property on top of her original charges.

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