UNN student Nnemelu Shalon reported missing after posting suicide thoughts

UNN student Nnemelu Shalon reported missing after posting suicide thoughts lailasnews 5


Another UNN student Nnemelu Shalon has been declared missing by friends and family after she posted suicide thoughts on Facebook.
According to reports, members of her department – Library and Information Science – are frantically looking for her.
Before she went missing, Shalon an 100-level student of the University in Nsukka, has always been posting weird quotes and poems that bothered on death and how sweet the after life would be.
Most of what she wrote were clear indications that she intended to take her life.

Even more, on May 15, 2019, she dumped her previous profile picture and started using the same photo serving as the profile image on Chukwuemeka Akachi’s page.

Her friends on Facebook are however jittery about her current situation, while many are trying to dissuade her from taking her life.
What did you gain from taking your life? What is that problem you are facing that others haven’t faced and came out victorious? Make una take am easy o. I’m really getting pissed off by this. Las Las, you will be buried and memory fades with time” one Lilian wrote.
Jackson then chipped in to make her realise she has not achieved her mission on earth and so has no reason to commit suicide:
You don’t have to die now because your mission have not yet concluded so we need you come back home and we are waiting for you you don’t have to do all this to yourself you must to face some challenges before you becoming something important tomorrow so my advice to girls and guys never give up just believe that you are going to make it for life people say you will not get there you have to make the ship.
She has just been reported missing as one Treasure Chimdi posted:

With utmost respect and plea, we the department of Library and Information Science beseech to all Lion and Lioness of this great institution to please join in the frantic search of one of our one, Nnemelu Shalon Ifeoma, 100L student of Library and Information Science whom has gone missing since her last facebook update . We beg on all Faculty, Department, Group and the entire student of this great institution, University of Nigeria, Nsukka to join in the search

Takeoff Venue: Department of Library and Information Science (beside Dept. of Political Science)

Time: 6am

Please help broadcast the message to all you can get to… #HelpSaveShalon #HelpSaveIphey #HelpSaveASoul

*From the department of Library and Information Science*

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