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Woman poisons her two daughters, kills herself over alleged husband infidelity

Residents of Gituamba village in Gatanga, Murang’a county have been left in utter shock after a middle-aged woman poisoned her two daughters and committed suicide Sunday morning.

The woman is said to have left a suicide note behind in which she accused her husband who is reportedly a Kenya Defense Forces officer of having extramarital affairs.

The suicide note partly reads: “My dear thank you for what you have done for me but what I can tell you is bye bye bye… I take care of your parents but you don’t have to appreciate it but thanks.”

“Continue with life, find another one to bring in your house but remember no one will leave in peace… I wish you all the best in your life.”


According to one of the witnesses, the woman had held a family party Saturday evening in which she shared a cake with her kids only to poison them afterwards.

A witness who didn’t want to be mentioned said in the morning the woman woke up and swept the compound after which she took a rope and went to the room where the children were and hanged herself.

“We even found the broom she was using to sweep the compound lying outside their house,” the witness said.

Kakuzi Deputy County Commissioner Angela Makai while confirming the incident said the mother poisoned her daughters aged five and two years with a pesticide before hanging herself.

She said the two (wife and husband) seem to have been having domestic conflicts which are believed to have pushed the woman to take her own life and her daughters’ too.

“Police have launched investigations into the matter and we are hoping to get answers on what actually transpired,” she said

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