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Yemi Alade Recalls How Late Ada Ameh Once Helped Her

Famous singer, Yemi Alade has mourned late actress, Ada Ameh saying she once helped her.

Yemi recounted how they met, and how Ameh had behaved like an angel to her.

She said they met during a music video, and Ameh instantly noticed she was having a bad day and tried her best to make her look good.

She said others would have thought she had a problem with them, but Ameh walked up to her and made her feel good.

Mourning the 48-year old actress, whose death is still a shock to Nigerians, Ms Alade wrote; “I was having a bad day the first time I met you (Ada Ameh) and I don’t know if anyone noticed but YOU instantly made me FEEL good.

“I thanked you over and over again! You did not have to but you did! Most people will avoid it or act like I have a problem with them!

“This is how I’ll always remember you! Our Video Doubledouble is 5million views and counting. If I had stayed in that bad mood,I might have ruined it. Thank you for blessing me.”

In another tweet she said Nigeria has no value for human life, stating that if the country has affordable medical care, life would have been better.

“What is your country’s value for human life? Mine is zero

“I wish we had better and affordable medical care in Nigeria! So many people walking around with underlying diseases and conditions that eventually manifest under stress”, she tweeted.

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