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Yinka Ayefele’s building demolition: Read this before you get emotional & conclude wrongly

Yinka Ayefele's building demolition Read this before you get emotional & conclude wrongly lailasnews

A user @obembet, on a popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland, has given her opinion concerning the popular singer, Yinka Ayefele’s building demolition, last weekend.

On Sunday 19th August, 2018, the Oyo State government had taken an action to demolish Yinka Ayelefele’s Music House after serving the media house a demolition notice weeks earlier.


The demolition of the N800 million building sparked reactions across the country and a lot of Nigerians are of the opinion that the government had gone way to far in their ‘witch-hunting’ escapade.

However, the user on the forum had a different view and wants Nigerian to think twice before getting emotional over the demolition. According to @obembet, Yinka Ayefele ‘excos’ demolition won’t be the first in Oyo State.

She added that there was even a demolition that was supported by Yinka Ayefele’s Fresh FM radio station.


Read her post:



There are intricate lessons to be learnt from the demolition. I have decided to take the lessons rather than being emotional. I knew the building will be pulled down if not now then later. If not by this government, then by a later government.

Why are we being emotional about this demolition? Oh because it’s owned by Ayefele or because it is a radio station? Definitely whichever of the two reasons is not above the law of the land which is subject to a lot of interpretations.

Has any one drove from Idi Ape through Bashorun to Akobo? Those buildings pulled down were owned by people like Ayefele. The businesses there employed people too. Oh because we assumed that they were not physically challenged or owned a radio station?

When Barrister Lowo Obisesan held away as a Oyo Commissioner, he went about restoring the beauty of the land by pulling down everything that needed to be pulled down thus making Ibadan a beauty to behold. A lot of bread winners were affected. Same FRESHFM supported him back then. So now the chicken has come home to roost. Let’s not crucify Ajimobi, Ajimobi has no single power to effect any demolition.

The demolition was done by the OYSG. By May 29 2018, Ajimobi would walk away as a private person. The OYSG would always be here with us. Another man would mount the saddle as a Governor. Governance would continue. Our dear UCH lost its fence worth about N12million to that road in front of the Hospital. I doubt if we have been paid for it.

This is an opportunity for politicians to score cheap points. I’ll rather these politicians come together, pulled resources together and build another befitting Music House that in years to come would not fall ‘foul’ of government environmental laws. Government is like Management. Decisions are taken a times that we do not understand and feel shouldn’t have been taken.

But the government like the management still has to take a decision irrespective of whose ox is gored, irrespective of if we like it or not, irrespective of if it favors us or not. A government or management who lacks the will to take a decision has no moral latitude to be called a government or a management. However, if like it’s being guessed that the demolition was to silence the opposition, then too bad.

There area about 27 other radio stations in Ibadan alone. I seriously doubt if OYSG will want to muzzle the media.

They told me this has been on for 7 years that Akala out of impunity bent the rules and roads for Yinka and no way it will not haunt him forever.Now a demolition of a year was sent to him to come rectify the adjustment.he refused.

At the expiration of d 1 year.they served a 3days notice on him which expired on wednesday.The buldozer did not come that day only for yinka to rush to sue the government on thursday.Meanwhile courts are on break and case yet to be heard.no court injunction served.Yinka n fans continued to sentimentally insult Ajimobi and even Dapo Lam Adesina was at the station yesterday bashing Ajimobi.

He now went ahead to pull down the illegal structure in question and not d entire building.Now egbon what is on that land that yinka is scared to leave.Remember his scandal with Erelu Agbaye who claimed they gave him fame.Yinka could have gone to Akala to help intervene and relocate him to another place.!!!!!


Source: LailasNews.com

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